Who is Physique Masters LLC?

Physique Masters LLC stands as a distinguished entity in the realm of bodybuilding stage preparation, acclaimed for its superior focus on top-quality posing and stage presence. Established in 2017 by the renowned Nancy Lewis, a legend in the bodybuilding world, the company has revolutionized the way athletes display confidence and poise on stage, translating these skills into their professional and personal lives.

Central to the acclaim of Physique Masters is Janeen Lankowski, the celebrated face of the company. Janeen is not only a master coach but also holds the record for the most best posing awards in both the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and NPC (National Physique Committee) for men and women. Her expertise in coaching is exceptional, blending a profound understanding of stage excellence with a unique educational approach. Janeen’s training philosophy goes beyond physical posing techniques, emphasizing a robust mind-muscle connection. This approach enables athletes to fully understand and execute poses that highlight their physique’s strengths, thereby enhancing their stage performance.

Janeen’s extensive experience and passion for both the sport and teaching shine through in her unique style. She is adept at mastering and conveying the art of posing, adapting her teaching to accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of each athlete. This personalized strategy ensures that every athlete can confidently exhibit their dedication and hard work!

Broadening Horizons

In recent years, Physique Masters LLC has expanded its services to include empowerment coaching and online training. These additions serve as powerful tools, ensuring that clients who are not local can still access the unique experience and expertise offered by Physique Masters. Whether it’s for advancing in their careers or personal growth in fitness, business, relationships, or beyond, the company is committed to assisting athletes in achieving success in all facets of their lives.

Physique Masters LLC is more than a company – it’s a transformative journey, guiding athletes to not only attain peak performance on stage but also to carry that excellence forward into their future endeavors.