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My entire life revolves around fitness, I’ve never known anything else, and I would not change it for the world!

The initial exposure to fitness and competition began when my parents enrolled me at the age of two at the K-W Gymnastics Club. Training camps and competitions across Ontario showed a way to success as I won many titles in my early years.

My personal dedication and hard training placed me in the position to attend the 1988 Seoul Olympic trials. However, those hopes were dramatically changed during a training session where I performed a full twisting layout. I will never forget that moment when I landed half on the landing mat and half on the floor and heard my ankle snap while the song “Mellow Yellow” was playing in the background.

My injury caused me to miss this window of opportunity and I was forced to change my course of action. After careful deliberation I decided to begin weight training a couple of years later in my early teens. It came easy as I could go into my school’s football gym and start playing around with the weights. Eventually I entered a bench press contest at my high school and won. That’s when I realized that I really had a passion for the way the body works and all the things one can do to improve and initiate changes in your body.

I still wanted to pursue gymnastics, even if it meant being off the floor. Since I couldn’t compete, I put forth what I knew and used my experiences to teach gymnastic and choreography. I attended Ryerson University where I studied fitness and obtained my certification in Personal Training and Fitness Consulting as well as my Life Coaching certificates. After 11 years of teaching gymnastics I decided the time was right to move forward to yet another challenge.

This time I chose fitness. The plan included specialized training and eventually entering competitive contests. With my first show only two weeks away, time was short and that’s when I was involved in a head-on collision with another car. Personal injuries sustained in this accident included both internal and external injuries. My right shoulder and left hip were damaged through the violent impact. I also sustained whiplash, a broken scaphoid and slingjaw. The doctors explained that my physical (athletic) condition helped save my life and also would aid in my recovery. My family and close friends helped me through the lengthy recovery process. Without them it would have been harder to recover from this devastating life event.

Having recovered from the accident, I found it difficult to return to the gym and train as hard as before. So once again I needed to alter my goals and career plans.   As I continued with physiotherapy and weight training, I took it slow.  I devised a new Blueprint Lifestyle Program that would allow me to align my diet and training regiment with the physical limitations I was facing. Perseverance and the drive to succeed pushed me to achieve my ultimate goal. It was time to venture back to my roots in weight training and take up bodybuilding.

I decided to enter my first bodybuilding competition in September 2003 where I finished second place in the lightweight class Level 1. Just a short while later I competed in November 2003 in London, Ontario for my Level 2 Ontario bodybuilding status. I placed first in the lightweight class at this competition and was also awarded best poser.

Competitions and increased exposure in 2005 secured additional sponsorships by the following companies: Sun Magic Tanning Salons and from Cucci Cabello Hair Salon. I am very grateful and blessed to have these exceptional entities support me and I am still sponsored by them today.

My preparatory competition training schedule includes weight-training, cardio workouts and posing sessions seven days a week, along with a very strict diet that I maintain for four months prior to the event. To keep a healthy glow about me I tan and try to get as much rest as I can to keep my body in the utmost condition. I also practice mental exercises such as meditation, listening to soothing music and burning incense. This helps to keep me grounded, increases my concentration and focus on the goal at hand.

I won my Pro Card at the North American Bodybuilding event in Cleveland, Ohio in 2011. It was a great day when placed first in the Open and the Masters categories.  I was awarded my Pro Card in the Masters Class (score card show won all categories for women’s bodybuilding division.) This has been the biggest win for me to date!

Being a Professional Female bodybuilder requires the utmost dedication to the sport and sacrifices must be made to adapt successfully to the lifestyle required. Bodybuilding is a very emotional sport and trying to remain balanced is always a challenge. My success is a direct result of hard training, a tailored Blueprint Lifestyle Program, the support of my family, friends and many blessings.

I am dedicated to helping myself and others acheive their life and fitness goals. 

I wish peace, love and happiness to all and send many blessings.


Yours truly,