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Welcome to Fantastic Physiques!

Janeen Lankowski, IFFB Pro

As a person, athlete and ambassador to the sport of bodybuilding, I believe that inspiration comes from within. A willingness to produce and develop in all aspects of life, stimulates the mind and body in creating the image of who you are. Years of training have taught me that perseverance comes from integrity and self-determination.

Just have fun! Love life… Train hard… Always reach for the stars!!


Training, Nutrition & Health Tips

Everyone has A GOAL and A DREAM.

Competition can be very challenging and also very rewarding. It takes a lot of drive, work, discipline, sacrifice and commitment to achieve your goals and dreams.

You have to get out of your comfort zone to find what drives you for success. If you stay comfortable, your exercise routine and physical progress can remain stagnant. 

Knowledge is Power!!  I have been in the fitness industry all my life, from a young national gymnast, to being a coach - then from a fitness girl to IFBB PRO Bodybuilder. I have over 27 years of experience dealing with everything that can be thrown at a person and have learned the the required disciplines and harnessed a Blueprint Lifestyle that will help bring the success individuals so deeply desire. I have achieved my goals and worked with many athletes as well as non-athletes to reach there goals.

I'm commited to sharing my knowledge, understanding and counseling to my clients as everyone and every individual has different requirements and desires. Proper balance in nutrition and training is key!

I am a strong believer in having balance and achieving inner peace in everything we do in Life.

I work not only with athletes, but with all people who want to make a positive change in their life. I am here to support to all who seek to be healthy, happy, and would like to achieve a healthy weight, learn to cope with and manage medical conditions and to provide life coaching and counseling.